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Let’s Talk Children’s Mental Health Wellness

Today is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. I am participating in national campaign activities as one of the panelists discussing the importance of communication among families, primary care providers and behavioral health specialists. I am honored to be able to share my voice and passion about this topic tonight.  Check out the event, which will be streamed live at 7:00 pm ET at Helping families, providers and the larger medical team (including child care providers and schools) be

#JustANormalKid: Don’t forget kids are kids first!

“He is ready to go and won’t stop until he goes to bed!” “She is so forgetful and I get frustrated because I have to keep nagging her. When will she learn to take care of her own things?” “I am constantly getting calls from the school and quite frankly it is stressing me out! I don’t know what to do.” It is easy to forget that kids with behavioral and mental health issues are kids first. So much of

No more bystanders: Parent tips for creating the change post-election

Like many of you in the months leading up to the election and now post-election, I have experienced a wide range of emotions. However, I am not writing this post because I want to complain about the election and focus on who won or who lost. Nor am I writing this because I am a “sore loser”. I am writing this because I am saddened by what is happening in our country. So much hate and anger. As a behavioral

#AAP16 Screens and the Developing Brain: Dr. Dimitri Christakis

Our children are growing up in the iWorld. Media, screens are not all created equal. We need to understand the environment in which our children and teens are growing and is part of the air and water they are exposed to. There are 3 key neurocognitive functions to understand when thinking about media use in children. Self control, working memory (ability to hold information in mind when mentally working on it) and cognitive flexibility (apply something learned in one

#AAP16 Media Use and Children’s Health: Introduction & Dr. Michael Rich

Day 1: American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition #AAP16 I am really excited about this conference! I have been offline for a while, but will use this National Conference to get back to blogging. I am attending a wonderful session about how Electronic Media is Transforming Our Patients’ health. The speakers include: David Hill, MD, FAAP Benard Dreyer, MD, FAAP Michael Rich, MD, MPH, FAAP Dimitri Christakis, MD, MPH, FAAP David Tayloe Jr., MD, FAAP Stephen Pont, MD,

Kids & Oral Health–Guest Blog & Infographic

Since my blog was started in January 2016, I have tried to stay true to my quest to provide simple and clear blog posts related to kids’ health. When I first launched this blog, I did not know quite what I was getting into…but since then, I have heard from friends and colleagues who have enjoyed the posts. I have seen others share blog posts.  For each comment, like, read and share on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I am truly grateful. A

We can all become advocates for child health

Have you ever just stopped and thought, “Wow, what an awesome day that was?” I had one of those days today. It reminded me of the importance of allotting time to re-charge.  For me, this time was at day 1 of the 25th Annual American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Legislative Conference in Washington DC. There was over 130 general pediatricians, specialist pediatricians, parent advocates and nurse practitioners.  All of us were there for one reason. To learn how to become better

Twitter Chats: a way to connect with families in real time

I am participating RIGHT NOW in the Twitter Chat “Talking is Learning” hosted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Healthy Children & Too Small to Fail”. Join in the chatter on Twitter to learn some great tips on how parents can encourage children’s healthy development. Topics will include brain, language and social-emotional development. I have my twitter feed on my sidebar so keep watch on it! Other “tweetiatricians” are participating! Join in on the conversation! Follow me on Twitter: @nerissabauer

Be careful with what you read on the Internet

You might have seen some false claims today on the internet…claims that “honoring a child’s transgender identity is harmful”. Please know that this view comes from a very small group of individuals (not all doctors) who call themselves the American College of Pediatricians.  Please know this group is NOT representative of the opinions and views of a vast majority of pediatricians and pediatric affiliate members of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). RELATED: Fake Pediatrician Group Lashes Out at Transgender Youth The

Postpartum Depression and Motherhood…Need to Get Moms Help

Parenthood is one of the most rewarding, yet hardest jobs anyone can ask for. Remembering the time when you first discovered that a new life was beginning inside you, all women go through a variety of emotions. Elation, relief, giddiness and wonder. And then it alternates with panic and worry. And you ride that wave for the 9 months until the arrival of your baby. That moment, women become mothers. Mothers become grandmothers. And you no longer are only responsible for