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Kindness Challenge: Week 4 – Be Kind

I have not been following the “week” part of the kindness challenge but I know those who read this post will be forgiving!  🙂 If you have not heard about the Kindness Challenge hosted by Niki from The Richness of a Simple Life, you should absolutely go visit her blog and accept the challenge. You can start the challenge any time. Because kindness is so powerful…and let’s face it, we need every ounce of kindness we can spread around! This

Kindness Challenge Week 3: Radiate Kindness

This week’s challenge was to radiate kindness…in other words to practice kindness in a mindful way. In Week 3 of the Kindness Challenge, Niki (from Richness of a Simple Life) provides some wonderful ideas on how to slowly incorporate acts of kindness. A simple strategy is to pick 1 behavior and just trying it out.  Trying to make something a habit takes practice and picking one thing to consciously work on so it becomes a part of your daily rhythm so that you do

Kindness Challenge: Week 2-Finding Kindness

I have been thinking about this challenge since Niki first posted the challenge back in May. I love the idea and the message it promotes. This second week was to look for and observe acts of kindness happening around us. Part of being able to emulate a new skill is to observe what is happening in the world around us. I have been noticing kindness in the little things that happen in my interactions with my kids and among my friends and