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Aggression & Young Children: Tips for Parents

Kids can be aggressive. Especially early on when they are learning to self-regulate and control their strong emotions, such as frustration. Sometimes kids don’t think before they do…they just do. It is especially important as caregivers to step in, defuse the situation and help the child regain control. However, aggression can also be a signal of other things, such as depression, trauma, poor impulse control or conduct disorders. Aggression in young children is often a concern in the early preschool

No more bystanders: Parent tips for creating the change post-election

Like many of you in the months leading up to the election and now post-election, I have experienced a wide range of emotions. However, I am not writing this post because I want to complain about the election and focus on who won or who lost. Nor am I writing this because I am a “sore loser”. I am writing this because I am saddened by what is happening in our country. So much hate and anger. As a behavioral

Kindness Challenge: Week 2-Finding Kindness

I have been thinking about this challenge since Niki first posted the challenge back in May. I love the idea and the message it promotes. This second week was to look for and observe acts of kindness happening around us. Part of being able to emulate a new skill is to observe what is happening in the world around us. I have been noticing kindness in the little things that happen in my interactions with my kids and among my friends and

Navigating the iWorld with your kids…one app at a time

I am preparing to give a talk at an upcoming pediatrics conference in October about social media and children. There is definitely a growing body of general guidance to pediatricians that suggests we talk to families about: Limiting TV to less than 2 hours a day for children and no TV for kids under 2 years of age Have discussions about social media and set limits Monitor kids’ usage and keep computers in public spaces Keep kids’ smart phones/cell phones out of bedrooms

Bridging the Word Gap

Children are amazing. They are constantly learning and growing.  As parents, we have a tremendous opportunity to shape their language, overall development and set them up for success. By age 3, children usually have 1000 words at their disposal.  However, children in poverty do not have the luxury of hearing as many words, and thus have smaller and limited vocabularies. Being exposed to language is key to helping kids pick up words and build their vocabularies. This is what is termed

Sunday Spotlight on Children’s Books: Dealing with Feeling…Worried by Isabel Thomas

Ever have a child who complains about headaches or stomach aches on school days, feels sick on test days and may even cry or withdraw when faced with new situations or challenges? Or have a preschooler with tantrums and has mood swings? It might be anxiety. Unfortunately, it is not common for kids to tell their parents, teachers or doctors that they are worried. Younger children often do not know what they are feeling. They just feel and then show us

Twitter Chats: a way to connect with families in real time

I am participating RIGHT NOW in the Twitter Chat “Talking is Learning” hosted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Healthy Children & Too Small to Fail”. Join in the chatter on Twitter to learn some great tips on how parents can encourage children’s healthy development. Topics will include brain, language and social-emotional development. I have my twitter feed on my sidebar so keep watch on it! Other “tweetiatricians” are participating! Join in on the conversation! Follow me on Twitter: @nerissabauer

Troubleshooting Praise

One of my previous posts, I highlighted an underused but very important positive parenting strategy, PRAISE (see post, Praise, the undervalued positive parenting tool). These “tools” always sound easy to do but then life gets in the way. Our emotions and daily stresses can compromise our success in using these tools with our children. It happens. When counseling families on the importance of any of these positive parenting tools, it is always helpful to breakdown the steps to doing it

Sunday Spotlight on Children’s Books: ParentSmart KidHappy series by Stacey Kaye

Today’s spotlight is on a set of three books that made me realize just how versatile the children’s books medium is to communicate and share information about positive parenting. I routinely ordered and sought out parenting and children’s books for use with my own kids but also with the families I saw in clinic and pediatric residents I was responsible for training.  When I saw these, I thought “Wow! These are amazing!” I loved that through a simple storyline of

5 Tips for Parenting in a Tech-driven World

Parenting is never easy for anyone.  Layer on top of that the wonders of technology and things get complicated real quick. However, just like parenting in the “dark ages” before the internet and social media there are some helpful hints to remember when parenting in this day and age. 5 Tips to Keeping Sane in a Tech-driven World Continue to set limits consistently as you would for other behaviors. Kids need limits set for all things…because something in excess is never a