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Kindness Challenge: Week 4 – Be Kind

I have not been following the “week” part of the kindness challenge but I know those who read this post will be forgiving!  🙂 If you have not heard about the Kindness Challenge hosted by Niki from The Richness of a Simple Life, you should absolutely go visit her blog and accept the challenge. You can start the challenge any time. Because kindness is so powerful…and let’s face it, we need every ounce of kindness we can spread around! This

Kindness Challenge–Week 1: Better Late than Never

Thank you for Niki for hosting the Kindness Challenge this summer! I had signed up to participate when you first announced well before the challenge started…and well, here it goes. I am not going to let my inner voice of critique stop me just because time got away from me.  Instead I am jumping in and making up for lost time by starting this journey 6 weeks late and being ok with it. That is the first step to self-kindness, which

Mindful Mondays: Window of Possibility

I thought I would change things up a bit and use Mondays to reflect on some amazing places or memories I have had the pleasure of enjoying…as seen through the eyes of my husband. My husband is also a physician with an artistic eye.  Since I have known him, he has always photographed everything and anything.  However, two children and a busy career have pushed those opportunities to the side.  I wish he had more time to dabble in these artistic pursuits.