My passion & ongoing research examines innovative ways (e.g. group visit models, health information technology) to engage pediatric providers and families around common developmental-behavioral and psychosocial topics in primary care.  I am a firm believer in improving communication at the point of care.

Carefully designed handouts can be used for clear information exchange, can be shared with other family members and improve parental understanding.  This is one of my newest handouts that focuses on pediatric attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  It can be used after completing the work-up for ADHD to help families understand what ADHD is, introduce the idea that treatment actually is not just medicine (which is what I find parents are most worried/concerned about), help families understand who is on their team moving forward and includes simple parenting strategies for helping their child. There is also a message that the medical home should be viewed as a resource for the parents for ongoing support and encourages parents to ask questions.

Request a copy of the English version here*: ADHD Informational Handout

Request a copy of the Spanish version here*: ADHD Infographic Spanish

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