Let’s Talk Kids’ Health is a blog started in January 2016 by a behavioral pediatrician and health services researcher in Indianapolis. My impetus for launching this blog was to reach out to other pediatric providers, early childhood experts, schools and families with the intent to share ideas and tools and start dialogues around kids’ health.

The idea came after I shared an ADHD handout that I developed on Facebook. The response from my colleagues, family and friends was overwhelmingly positive, along with many requests for copies to have and read or use. Those who know me will tell you I am constantly developing new handouts, tools and resources designed to EDUCATE, ENGAGE, and EMPOWER physicians & families around developmental and behavioral issues at the point of care.  They also must be practical-for everyone and anyone. This is because I believe clear communication should always be at the center of any medical encounter. Clear information tailored to the specific needs of a family can motivate a parent to try an alternate parenting strategy or boost understanding and tackle misconceptions. When information exchange is done right, families leave feeling excited to try something new and often, renewed hope.

The first word of the blog is “Let’s.” I first learned about the “let’s” command from one of my mentors, Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton (developer of the Incredible Years group parenting curricula). Usually I tell parents not to use a “let’s” command unless the parent intends on being involved in the process. Well, I hope this blog brings everyone together to improve developmental and behavioral pediatric health and research.

On this site, I plan to share my tools I use with my patients or as part of research. It is my sincere hope that these tools help you whether you are also a pediatric provider, educator, or parent. These tools were meant to be exchanged and used and hopefully will become a trusted “tool” in your toolbox too!

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