Let’s face it, when do parents often run into problems with their kids? When they are bored, tired or when mom is busy making dinner, on the phone or yes, even taking a few minutes to use the bathroom…We have all been there!

Troubleshoot Time inIt’s not unusual for parents to feel like they already are spending a lot of time with their children. We must make sure basic needs are met. So how come when we try to step away to take 5 minutes for ourselves, this is when we run into trouble?

Don’t despair. Take it as a reminder that your child loves you and enjoys spending time with you. Sometimes kids just need reassurance that this special time with you will happen regularly and each day. Some kids need transition warnings (“Mommy has to start making dinner in 2 minutes. When the clock says 5-0-0 that is when I need to go to the kitchen”). And sometimes you just gotta get creative so they can still be “with you” while you are going about your daily duties (“You will be my helper today in the kitchen!“).

Click here for a copy of the Troubleshooting Time In that has some tips for handling situations when issues happen with “time in”.

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Written by

Nerissa Bauer

I am a behavioral pediatrician, consultant, child advocate and blogger. I am a wife, mommy to 2 amazing children and 2 golden retrievers. Love cooking, travel, reading, tap and creating.