ParentingOne of my previous posts, I highlighted an underused but very important positive parenting strategy, PRAISE (see post, Praise, the undervalued positive parenting tool). These “tools” always sound easy to do but then life gets in the way. Our emotions and daily stresses can compromise our success in using these tools with our children. It happens.

When counseling families on the importance of any of these positive parenting tools, it is always helpful to breakdown the steps to doing it well. However, things can literally “break down” if certain obstacles get in the way.

Pitfalls, such as not feeling like giving praise or that praise feels phony or manipulative are COMMON. Here are ways to consider getting over the hump in the Troubleshooting Praise handout.

Troubleshooting praise



And remember… there is no magic bullet. Parenting take consistency and patience. As long as a parent is able to reflect on times when things go terribly wrong then I’d say that’s half the battle! We are all human and even though we know what we “should” do, sometimes we just don’t feel like it and it is easy to fall back on the “old” way of doing things…even if what we used to do was not terribly effective.

And let’s face it. Kids will be kids and they will give us LOTS of opportunities to try again.

Share if you’ve tried these strategies and your highs and lows with using praise. Would love to hear some of your “out of the box” ways to tackle these pitfalls!

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