When kids are struggling, either with academics or socially, parents often need to partner with their child’s teacher/daycare provider to understand the facts. Parents will also need to enlist their help as they move forward to uncover the cause of the challenges. It is important to know that as parents, YOU are your child’s best advocate and are always welcome at the table.

Helpful tips to communicate with your child’s teacher

When parents say that they have gotten calls, notes or have had in-person meetings with their child’s teacher, it is often accompanied by a wide range of emotions…not at least to mention, guilt, fear, worry, anger. See Scary Mommy’s blog post: My Son’s Learning Difficulties and the Words I Needed to Hear for a more first-hand story on all these feelings.

In my work with children with ADHD and other behavioral issues, we often advise and do reach out to the school because if we are going to start any treatment (and again, I use that word loosely since when I use the word “treatment” it can mean a wide range of options and NOT just medication: behavioral interventions, educational supports, medication, parent training). Why? Because if a child is struggling and we want to figure out the best course of action, we will need to partner with the schools to understand what is happening, how often it is happening, what has been tried…before we can decide together what can be done.

Here are some tips to consider when partnering with your child’s teacher (or childcare provider). Click here to get a copy of the handout.

And don’t forget to involve your child’s doctor so that adequate work up can be done to consider all possible reasons for your child’s struggles in school–like ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities.

Sometimes it can feel like you are all alone. Knowing who to reach out to for help is KEY.

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