ChildrenbookspotlightHelping children navigate their early friendships is important…especially when it comes to sharing objects and personal space. The book, Not Fair, Won’t Share: A Book about Sharing is authored by Sue Graves. It is a fun one to use with children to see how their behavior impacts others. I like this book because it shows a trio of kids having a hard time sharing a space station toy that the teacher has in the classroom. It shows what happens when you don’t share and get angry, what the teacher does when she gets angry…which is important because we all get angry and jealous some times. The book helps to normalize those feelings and shows kids that others feel that way too—even adults. However, as I say to all kids, it is what you do with those negative feelings is what counts. The storyline goes on to show how the teacher and children calm down and feel sorry and then try again at sharing.Not-Fair-Wont-Share-Sue-Graves

These are important life lessons to learn early. This book is part of a larger series “Our Emotions and Behavior” published by Free Spirit Publishing. At the end of each book in this series is a set of prompts to review key principles in the story to assess children’s comprehension.

Suggested ages: 4 to 8 years old

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Nerissa Bauer

I am a behavioral pediatrician, consultant, child advocate and blogger. I am a wife, mommy to 2 amazing children and a golden retriever. Love cooking, travel, reading, tap and creating.