Today’s mindfulness moment to kick off the week comes

from a recent trip my family took to the Grand Canyon. What a magnificent place. The beauty and awe around us was so overwhelming. Where it lacked greenery & lushness, it was raw, bare and breathtaking….

GrandCanyon2016 Tree 2016


Do you see the Eagle with its wings spread wide?
Do you see the Eagle with its wings spread wide?

The beauty of the place was enjoyed by all.  My two kids loved climbing the rocks and looking (safely) down into the depths below as their laughter rose up into the beautiful big blue sky above. I loved watching the kids be kids, playing outdoors and exploring. What a gift from Mother Nature! We had a marvelous time.

What other places have you visited that have taken your breath away or moments you have experienced that was so humbling that made you stop and think, reflect and fill you with gratitude?

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Nerissa Bauer

I am a behavioral pediatrician, consultant, child advocate and blogger. I am a wife, mommy to 2 amazing children and 2 golden retrievers. Love cooking, travel, reading, tap and creating.