ChildrenbookspotlightLet’s face it. Young kids quickly become fascinated by their body and how it works.

Children’s books can be used to normalize feelings and yes, bodily functions.  They can help jump-start or compliment  various self-care behaviors, such as potty training, or can be used for kids who are just plain curious about how their body works.

The first of the My Body Science series about bodily functions that is sure to both bring some giggles and questions is the book called, “Everyone Poops” by Taro Gomi. Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

Originally published in Japan, it is now available in English by Kane Miller Publishing. It starts with the 2-page spread of an elephant and mouse standing next to their respective piles of poop: “An elephant makes a big poop. A mouse makes a tiny poop.”

The story goes on to list other animals that poop…and then transitions to exploring HOW and WEHRE animals poop (“stop to poop” or “move to poop”, “in the water” or “in the potty”). The illustrations are bright and colorful and help children understand that all living things that eat must poop.

This is just one of the My Body Science series of books published by Kane Miller and feature stories from a variety of authors from Japan that are funny and factual. Other books in the series include “The Gas We Pass”; “Breasts” (highlights the natural function of breasts for breastfeeding), “All about Scabs”, “The Holes in your Nose”, “Contemplating your Bellybutton” (discusses pregnancy and birth but not conception) and “The Soles of your Feet”.

The Gas We Pass Breasts All About Scabs The Holes in your Nose Contemplating your Bellybutton  The Soles of your Feet

You can go to your local library to check out the book or get your own copy and buy the book here. However, there is a  YouTube remake video you can co-watch with your children here!

Once you read the story, consider having your child’s doll or stuffed animal pretend to poop. It can help role model the use of toilets and ease fears of little ones who might be hesitant to use the toilet.

For tips on toilet training, go to the Healthy Children’s website for parent-friendly information

Recommended Ages: 2-5 years

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