Ever wanted to bring about a discussion about how everyone is unique and special in their own right? Meet Agatha…a character who was born with her daddy’s bear nose and her mommy’ pig ears! Agatha is getting ready to start Kindergarten and quickly realizes she does not quite look like anyone else. This warming children’s book story is a nice way to share Agatha’s tale–and how she and her classmates learn how to celebrate each other’s strengths and understand how special every one is. 

We stumbled upon this book at our local library and I am so glad we did. What a wonderful little story that you can use to raise a healthy discussion to foster empathy.

I loved the message of this book and think it would be a helpful book for families struggling on how to transition their child with special needs to a mainstream classroom (great book to have a teacher read to the class before the new student arrives too!); or for children with physical differences that may otherwise feel unsure and self-aware when going into new or scary situations. 

Recommended age range: 4 to 8 years of age, published by Simon & Schuster (November 2015, hardcover)
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