Root Canal JPEGSince my blog was started in January 2016, I have tried to stay true to my quest to provide simple and clear blog posts related to kids’ health. When I first launched this blog, I did not know quite what I was getting into…but since then, I have heard from friends and colleagues who have enjoyed the posts. I have seen others share blog posts.  For each comment, like, read and share on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I am truly grateful.

A few weeks ago, I got a wonderful email asking whether I could share information about oral health and an infographic to help spread awareness about the importance of oral health on my blog. So today I am so excited to host my first guest blog post and infographic from Darla Scheidt. Darla is the Marketing Director of Grove Dental Associates, a successful multi-office group dental practice in the Western suburbs of Chicago. With four offices, over 30 doctors and over 40 years of experience, Grove Dental stays on the cutting edge of dentistry to better serve patients.

Losing baby teeth is part of a child’s growth and development, but premature loss of baby teeth can create a unique problem for your child. Premature tooth loss typically is due to decay and infection — and because your child’s teeth and jaw are not yet fully developed, this problem can result in crowding and/or the loss of permanent teeth. Learn about root canal treatment for children experiencing tooth decay with this infographic by Grove Dental Associates. 

 If you want a copy of the PDF, click this link: Root canals for kids

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Going to the dentist can be scary for young children. Look for pediatric dental offices that have dentists and staff with experience working with children. It can make a world of difference!

Here are some of my favorite children’s books you can use to help introduce your child to the idea of going to the dentist–to learn more, click on each book title. Thanks for reading…Nerissa 🙂

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