Questions about ADHDParents, teachers and kids themselves with ADHD all have questions. Many parents have questions about their child’s behavior and health. Teachers might have questions about how to best support a child or what strategies or treatments are available. Kids may want to understand more about ADHD so they don’t feel “weird” or “different”.

With so much information on the internet, we wanted to keep things simple and offer a site ( that parents, teachers and kids can use to get some general answers. You can search the “Big List” to see whether your question was already answered. If not, just ask your question on the site or by text and you can get your answer! The website is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. If parents or teachers have specific concerns related to a child, please contact the child’s doctor/provider directly.

Our Just Ask-ADHD website was developed with input from families and with the help of the Patient Engagement Core at Indiana University School of Medicine.  It has gone through various iterations but we are happy to share its launch with everyone and hope families, teachers and providers find it a useful website. We hope you will visit the site and ask a question soon!

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Nerissa Bauer

I am a behavioral pediatrician, consultant, child advocate and blogger. I am a wife, mommy to 2 amazing children and a golden retriever. Love cooking, travel, reading, tap and creating.