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I just attended a 4.5 hour session hearing from some of the leading experts in the field of media use and children. All the speakers were insightful and engaging…plus to they shared some very practical tips and strategies!

Today the AAP released updated guidelines on children’s media use, called Media and Young Minds. What I love is that all the new and ongoing research is being integrated into timely guidelines for general pediatricians, family physicians and pediatric providers…so that we aren’t just regurgitating the same old things from years ago. Especially in this day and age, when the digital landscape is constantly changing, it is important that we are prepared to have meaningful and timely discussions with our families.

That brings me to this new AAP Media Plan…which is an interactive tool and can be used by clinicians and families alike. What I LOVE about this is that it takes all the helpful things we all know about and should take into account and factors all of ‘life’ things–sleep, meals, afterschool activities and helping parents create a “budget”. Media use is important for many reasons–but just as with everything, we need to begin putting constraints on it because honestly there are only so many hours in the day!

Go visit this site now and create your personalized family media plan. It is available in English or Spanish. They have a useful media time calculator that you can customize based on every family member. This plan makes it easier to tailor what counseling should be reviewed during well child visits–from everything from sleep, media use, cyberbullying, being a digital citizen…

I know it is impossible to feel like you can tackle everything within a brief well child visit. But this AAP Media Planner is an awesome way to prioritize and tailor that discussion with your families. Encourage families to head over to the site to customize their planner!!

AAP Media Plan

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