I recently blogged about the event I participated in on behalf of October being Learning Disabilities Awareness month. As a follow up to that event, I blogged about my self-reflections of a case I had seen recently where a child with known ADHD and anxiety had continued to struggle in school. His parents were stressed and unsure of what else to do for him.

Please read and share to continue to highlight the need to constantly re-evaluate a child’s performance and functioning at home and school. I wrote this piece to help raise awareness of providers who see similar children in their practices.It is important that as providers and teachers we work together and as parents we never stop advocating for our children. In this case, we were able to make the diagnosis of dyslexia and dysgraphia and link the family to needed services. We are still closely monitoring his progress but communication was key.

Please read my short self-reflection piece published by AAP Voices on October 31, 2017: Together we Can: Working with Families to Help Children with Learning and Attention Difficulties. It contains a list of tips for pediatricians and other providers to think about when faced with needing to help children with ongoing learning and attention problems.

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