family program for motivation and persistence

Can you believe another year is just about done? It’s the time of year when millions of people ask themselves: “What is my New Years’ Resolution?”, “What do I want to achieve?” or “What are my personal goals for this next year?” Yet again, we dig deep to find motivation and commit to persistence to reach our goals. But why do it alone?

Want to shed 10 pounds? Or start eating healthy? Maybe you’re thinking about working out 3 days a week? Doing a brisk walk each day? No matter what intention you set in the new year, you know, that no one can achieve their personal records alone. It can be a tough road to form a new habit. In fact, it takes 66 days of repetition! Two months!

It’s never too early to teach motivation and persistence.

When learning a new skill or behavior, what keeps us motivated to try and try again? Not just inner strength, or a positive mindset but having your village around you to support you and buoy you when you are feeling like giving up.

But readers of my blog know that I like to engage and empower families to talk and work together. So it got me thinking about a fun family program to inspire motivation and persistence and reach personal goals, but also family ones too. Having your family standing beside you can be a powerful thing.

Parents are powerful teachers

Role modeling is a critical positive parenting skill and one that I cannot stress enough. From day one, humans are programmed for social learning that begins in the home. Parents are front and center as the child’s most important teachers.

The best learning comes from seeing things modeled by, guided by and done with their parents.

They learn by watching, by listening and seeing how others do things. Everyone gains motivation to try new or challenging things when we know someone has got our back. That someone who believes in us wholeheartedly is in our corner.

Family program for motivation and persistence

So why not make setting new year’s resolutions into a family affair? And instead of focusing on meeting or beating our “PRs or personal records”, why not change the mindset and strive for “family bests”?

A family program that melds positive parenting principles and positive psychology

That’s why I created a new family program called, #FamilyGoalGetters. Its’ grounded in positive parenting principles and positive psychology. It’s my way of jumpstarting YOUR family’s goal setting and improving family communication. I supply the templates and program structure. You get to supply the motivation, enthusiasm and time to talk with your children about goal setting and persistence. And along the way you’ll be cultivating a growth mindset. Most importantly, you’ll be doing it together with this family program.

family jumpstart kit program for motivation
My newest family jumpstart program: #FamilyGoalGetters

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. Daily Personal Goal Cards: Use these to help each other set daily intentions over breakfast or during the car ride to school. It doesn’t have to take more than a minute–but helping your child think about one personal goal is totally doable. It can be related to school, to relationships or to self-growth. Really, the skys’ the limit! The key is to use this to help your child check in with their mood, set their goal and share that intention with you! Remember to review each family member’s progress over dinner to celebrate successes!
  2. Personal goal tracker sheet: Kids are especially visual and like to “see” their progress. Use this to record PRs and as a way to spark discussion about their hard work, positive mindset, and determination. But beware, don’t use this to shame or point out if someone missed the mark for the day…instead focus on the big picture!
  3. Motivational cards to surprise and uplift: Included in the pack are 10 pre-made motivational cards and 2 DIY ones to scribble motivational notes to each other. Sneak these into lunchboxes, books, purses, backpacks! The cards give the little extra motivation in the middle of the day to let your loved one know you are thinking of them.
  4. Reward/recognition cards to reinforce and motivate: The program includes 4 pre-made and 2 DIY cards to give a shout out or small token of appreciation for a family member’s efforts. Any family member can “gift” these at any time. Everyone likes recognition for not giving up and staying the course, even when the going gets tough. Or for just being a good human being. These cards are not a substitute for giving each other positive feedback, motivation and support but rather to complement those types of behaviors.
  5. Monthly family goal tracker: When families collaborate and work together towards a common goal, they get stronger. Set up a family meeting to brainstorm what your family wants to achieve together. Maybe it’s to volunteer once a month. Or maybe schedule family meetings to discuss family matters and improve communication. Or an effort to prepare and eat healthy meals made at home together? Or maybe you want to institute a tech-free family day or weekend but you’ve got to work up to it! Whatever your family goals are, the only way you will succeed is if you get buy in and do it together. So set your monthly family goals and reach for your new “Family Best!”

Be Social: Join the #FamilyGoalGetter Facebook group!

What’s more is that I’ve decided to start a new Let’s Talk Kids Health group just for this program. Why? Because from my experience leading parent training groups, its always easier to have something new become easier to implement when you’ve got a village of people around you learning and doing the same thing! I moderate the group. There are group rules so it can be a safe space to share, comment and support others. To share not just the highs but the lows too (because, it happens) and to get the encouragement to start or try again. Find the group on my blog’s Facebook page, #FamilyGoalGetters, and join today!

Join the exclusive Facebook group: #FamilyGoalGetters today!

I am so excited about what the new year will bring and even more excited to share this new program with you. It doesn’t just have to be something you do January 1st. However, start the program at any time. A prime time would be if you feel you’re in a rut or whenever you need to jumpstart your family to new heights!

#FamilyGoalGetters will put the FAMILY and FUN back into our resolutions

Note: My family will be doing this program alongside yours. It’s kid-approved! Share your progress on social media, tag #FamilyGoalGetters and my blog, Let’s Talk Kids’ Health.

sample motivational card family program
Example motivational card to print and write a short message to each other.
family program for motivation and persistence

Goal Getter: Family Edition Digital Download $10

Buy my product

And if you’re not ready for the full program, make sure to grab my free #FamilyGoalGetter Daily Intention tip sheet to start building the habit of setting daily goals & reinforce a positive mindset. Click here to download it now!

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