If you are looking for a different way to approach ADHD and want to reduce your stress, consider reading the workbook, Mindful Parenting for ADHD by Dr. Mark Bertin. Raising a child with ADHD can have its fair share of good and not-so-good days. It can be stressful if kids constantly forget to bring what they need for homework. Likewise, it can be frustrating if kids do the work only to forget to turn it in. Other parents stress about getting yet another call from school about their child’s behavior. Parents who see children struggling with learning or being awkward with peers often want to help but are unsure of what steps to take. They worry about what ADHD means for their child as they grow older as expectations increase.

It can be exhausting.

I work with countless families of children with ADHD. Based on my own research and those of others published on this topic and clinical experience, I know that families with children with ADHD often continue to face ongoing stress and challenges, even despite medication.

Parenting any child can be hard at times, because children don’t come with instruction manuals. Nor is there any “one way” or “right way” to raise a child. However, at the heart of any positive parenting intervention is communication and connection.

What’s Inside the Book

Dr. Bertin’s workbook has 11 chapters. What sets this book apart from the others on the market is the tenet of mindfulness. Parents can use mindfulness in stressful and challenging situations. They can model the techniques for their children, whenever they feel frustrated, angry, upset or disappointment. The book takes a holistic approach to understanding the “why” of ADHD. Additionally, it also presents evidence-based information about what we know about executive functioning deficits. It is through this lens, he advises families come up with a practical, no-nonsense plan for tackling ADHD.

Bonus for those who buy the book

Readers of the book will find exercises to practice and think about. Ample space to take notes and self-reflect. Therefore, if you purchase the book, you gain access to downloadable materials, such as guided audio meditations, action plan templates and other worksheets.

Written by a developmental-behavioral pediatrician who practices and teaches mindfulness

Dr. Bertin is a board-certified developmental-behavioral pediatrician and mindfulness practitioner. He clearly understands how one can apply this practice to every day life. Given his clinical expertise, he also understands what families who struggle with raising children with ADHD can feel.

As a behavioral pediatrician, I appreciated Dr. Bertin’s tone and the presentation of evidence-based information for families. He goes into detail about what goes into the work-up of ADHD. He explains why it sometimes is not black and white. Early on in the book, the focus is on parental self-care and the notion that change starts with the parent. These are important concepts in any parenting intervention.

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Are you ready to get started?

As many of the readers of my blog know, I have been hosting a Parenting Book Club. If you like the sound of this workbook but need the motivation to read it, consider signing up! The Let’s Talk Kids Health community is a safe and supportive one with other readers who may have read the book because they have similar questions and concerns. Have a question about something you’ve read, ask it in my private Facebook forum. [Please note, even though I am a behavioral pediatrician and treat kids with ADHD, in this forum, I do not provide medical advice. The information presented in this space is NOT a substitute for talking with your child’s pediatrician.]

You can always sign up for this book club pick!

Even though this book pick was chosen for October 2020, it is never too late to sign up! All you have to do is get a copy of the book! When you confirm your subscription for the book club pick, you will get a sequence of emails delivered to your inbox. You can find the group posts for this book pick organized as Unit 3 in the Facebook group so you can chime in to posts that follow the chapters. We always welcome new readers to the group!

Free E-book resource for families

As you know I am a co-creator of the TEACH Program (Tailoring Education for ADHD and Children’s Health). From that work, I created a free e-book giving families a “snapshot” of what you need so you can be prepared to talk with your child’s doctor. Download your copy now! Getting the Care Your Child Needs with an ADHD Care Plan

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