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ADHD Handouts

Helping kids talk about living with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a lifelong condition. ¬†After a diagnosis, families often feel upset, worry, overwhelm, or even relief. Chances are if kids are hyperactive or impulsive, others may have noticed challenges at school or daycare. Sometimes, parents worry about how hard it is to get their child to pay attention, have …

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The ABCs of Positive Parenting: Infographic & e-book journal

What exactly IS ‘positive parenting’? Positive parenting is a way of interacting with your child that includes attention to: your child’s developmental age your child’s unique needs keeping in mind your child’s strengths and what is going well understanding your child’s cues thinking about situations from your child’s point of view being mindful about your …

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Teens & Depression: What Parents Can Do

On Monday, the revised two-part Guidelines for Adolescent Depression-Primary Care (GLAD-PC)  were published in Pediatrics. The original guidelines were released in 2007. The guidelines reflect 10 years of additional research and evidence around what practices can do to prepare, identify and begin to manage teen depression (part I) and guidance around ongoing management (part II). …