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ADHD Handouts

ADHD Medication Handout: Guanfacine

Happy new year! Sorry for the lag in posting. The holidays hit, which was followed by a busy grant submission cycle so I was unable to get back to blogging! As part of my ongoing family friendly handouts for ADHD and behavior, I have the fourth installment with Guanfacine, an alpha-2-agonist medication. This medication is …

ADHD Handouts

ADHD Medication Handout: Methylphenidate

For those of you reading my series of Medication & Behavior Handouts for Patient Education for the first time with this post, please make sure to read my first one (ADHD Medication Handout: Atomoxetine) to review the background of what to keep in mind when starting a medication for behavior. One of the most commonly …

ADHD Anxiety Handouts

ADHD Medication Handout: Atomoxetine

After careful discussion with the child’s pediatrician about whether medication should be a part of the ADHD treatment plan, families and the pediatrician will need to decide what medication is best. The discussion should include a few key elements to help guide the decision: The age of the child Whether the child has tried any …

ADHD Handouts

The Angst around Medications for ADHD

Parents often worry about the need to start medications if their child is diagnosed with ADHD. It can be a stressful time, weighing the pros and cons. Caregivers can experience a host of emotions and thoughts. When is the right time to start medications?  Is there a “right time”? Does this mean my child will be on …

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