Dr. Bauer has experience in program and curriculum development for translating and implementing evidence-based parenting programs into practice. Given her work adapting the Incredible Years program for teaching residents basic child development skills and developing her own group parenting program for ADHD (TEACH), she is able to provide advice to practices interested in taking a more holistic approach to behavioral health. Her career with IU School of Medicine and Riley Hospital for Children training future pediatricians is complemented by a number of projects done with the American Academy of Pediatrics to educate and motivate practicing physicians to integrate mental health screening in practice.

In my research, I tackled issues that are complex, take a lot of time and do not lend themselves to “quick fixes.” I examined new and innovative ways to tackle these issues in busy pediatric clinics, often using health information technology or individual or systems-level interventions. In particular, I do not just pay attention to how pediatric providers identify these issues but what they can do next.

I recognize that your practice is unique and I like to collaborate and tailor practical solutions. Hence, many of the handouts, tools and resources I have developed are meant to bring evidence-based strategies into real life practice.

Below is a list of areas I focus on:

  1. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  2. Anxiety
  3. Postpartum depression
  4. Positive parenting
  5. Developmental delays in speech and language
  6. Autism

Dr. Bauer can assist your practice learn how to:

  • integrate screening for mental health conditions into your busy clinical workflow,
  • select the right screening tools for your patient population,
  • provide guidance on practice-level considerations if there is a positive screen,
  • prepare your practice for handling common developmental and behavioral problems with brief tools and counseling strategies tailored to meet providers’ needs

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