Let’s Talk Kids Health Facebook LIVE

As you know I am passionate about doing my part to spread reliable and helpful information to families, educators and child health providers. I believe once when everyone is on the same page, we can partner together to achieve our goals.

This is absolutely true when it comes to pediatric behavioral health.

I wanted a way to showcase these topics in a new and fun way that would complement my blog…

And that’s when I decided to launch this fun and informal weekly Facebook LIVE show!

Join me in real time to comment and ask questions as I bring on special guests to talk with me about various topics related to parenting and childhood development and behavior.

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Each show will be approximately 30-45 minutes. If you miss it live you can always catch the replay!

Confirmed Topics and Guests


January 2021

Ep1: Let’s Talk: Yoga and Mindfulness with Children with Audrey Beaugh of Silly Hearts Yoga

Ep2: Let’s Talk: Art Therapy and Children with Lauren Daugherty

February 2021

Ep3: Let’s Talk: Raising Twins: Surviving and Thriving with Dr. Shelly Vaziri Flais

Ep4: Let’s Talk: Neuropsychology and Pediatrics: When and How? with Dr. Jillian Wise of Children’s Resource Group

Ep5: Let’s Talk: Children’s Books to Start a Conversation with Kids with Author Brian Wray, children’s book author

Ep6: Dr. Damon Korb, author of Raising an Organized Child

March 2021

Ep7: Stephanie Drewry of Sprouts Cooking

Ep8: Olivia Rooney of Crouching Tigers

Ep9: Therapy Dogs vs Service Dogs: What’s the Difference and How can they help children? with Kelsey Burton with Paws and Think

Ep10: Jeannie Marrugo with Cafe Baby

Ep11: Jennifer Mysogland

No LIVE week of March 29 & April 5

April 2021

Ep12: Dr. Kelly Slama-McManus

Ep13: Roniqua Zimmermann

Ep14: Dr. Amy Shriver

May 2021

Ep15: Linda Akers

Ep16: Dr. Amy Ho

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