Medication Fact Sheets

I LOVE to create handouts to help families understand information so they can be engaged in their child’s healthcare. It became clear to me that having simple to understand handouts was also a way to help teach future pediatricians how to effectively counsel families by organizing the most critical information on one page.

I use these handouts as part of my own clinical practice but I am offering them on my blog as a way to help providers, families and patients have this information. Information on any of my handouts is NOT a substitute for medical advice. Please always talk to your child’s doctor about how this information relates to your child.

Check back periodically as I will be adding to this list!


Methylphenidate Medication Fact Sheet

Amphetamine Mixed Salts Fact Sheet

Atomoxetine Fact Sheet

Guanfacine Fact Sheet

Clonidine Fact Sheet

Depression & Anxiety

Fluoxetine Fact Sheet

Sertraline Fact Sheet (COMING SOON)

Escitalopram Fact Sheet (COMING SOON)

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