My story about how engaging families can improve the quality of health services research. A special thank you to C. Thomas Lewis for his help shooting this video. 

Implementing Mental Health Priorities in Practice: Strategies to Engage Patients & Families: AAP Video Series

Clowning around on the set.  April 2014.
On the set.

I was asked to be the host on a series of videos produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics meant to help pediatricians and other pediatric providers learn effective communication skills to tackle common behavioral and mental health issues in practice.   Videos were funded by a generous donation of the Friends of Children fund.

Effective communication is essential to begin to partner with families around these topics–especially because there is no “quick fix” for behavioral and mental health conditions.

This first video focuses on using motivational interviewing to identify and handle behavioral problems in children 0 to 5 years of age.

The second video is on depression and helping pediatricians and other providers sensitively discuss and talk with families about this topic.

A third videos focuses on inattention and impulsivity and how to navigate this issue with the family, including how to handle when one entity may want to start medication but the parent is unsure. FriendsOfChildren

A fourth video focuses on disruptive behavior and aggression. Again, this video showcases how to use motivational interviewing to help reach understanding and consensus of appropriate next steps.

There is a video on how to sensitively discuss and talk about self-harm and suicide.

The last video in the series is about identifying and handling substance use.

Carmel Clay Virtual Mental Health Fair 2020

Talking with Stephanie Whiteside, mental health coordinator of CCS, and fielding questions from families in the community

Click here to watch. Run time 1 hour, 4 minutes

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