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ADHD Handouts

ADHD Medication Handout: Clonidine

This is my fifth installment for my ADHD Medication and Behavior series! This time we are focusing on Clonidine, another alpha-2-adrenergic agonist medication used as a second line agent for ADHD treatment. This is similar to guanfacine, which I blogged about a few days ago and available here. The difference between these two medications are …

ADHD Handouts

ADHD Medication Handout: Guanfacine

Happy new year! Sorry for the lag in posting. The holidays hit, which was followed by a busy grant submission cycle so I was unable to get back to blogging! As part of my ongoing family friendly handouts for ADHD and behavior, I have the fourth installment with Guanfacine, an alpha-2-agonist medication. This medication is …

ADHD Handouts

ADHD Medication Handout: Methylphenidate

For those of you reading my series of Medication & Behavior Handouts for Patient Education for the first time with this post, please make sure to read my first one (ADHD Medication Handout: Atomoxetine) to review the background of what to keep in mind when starting a medication for behavior. One of the most commonly …

ADHD Anxiety Handouts

ADHD Medication Handout: Atomoxetine

After careful discussion with the child’s pediatrician about whether medication should be a part of the ADHD treatment plan, families and the pediatrician will need to decide what medication is best. The discussion should include a few key elements to help guide the decision: The age of the child Whether the child has tried any …


Questions, questions and more questions about ADHD

Parents, teachers and kids themselves with ADHD all have questions. Many parents have questions about their child’s behavior and health. Teachers might have questions about how to best support a child or what strategies or treatments are available. Kids may want to understand more about ADHD so they don’t feel “weird” or “different”. With so …

ADHD Handouts

The Angst around Medications for ADHD

Parents often worry about the need to start medications if their child is diagnosed with ADHD. It can be a stressful time, weighing the pros and cons. Caregivers can experience a host of emotions and thoughts. When is the right time to start medications?  Is there a “right time”? Does this mean my child will be on …

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