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What to Do Series: Not Fair
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What to Do When It’s Not Fair by Jacqueline Toner, PhD & Claire Freehand, PhD

For those of you with more than one child, how many times have you heard, “MOMMY, that’s not fair! He got to choose last time…it’s my turn!” or “DADDY, She got a new (insert object of choice), how come I don’t get one?” Siblings naturally cannot help themselves from comparing what they have to their …

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Mindfulness and children
book review Children's books Kindness Positive parenting

Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents) by Eline Snel

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular but what is it? The science and evidence behind its application with children and teens is growing. Mindfulness is being aware, moment to moment of your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations and the environment around us. We notice these things without judgement. Recognize these sensations and then letting them go. …

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