TEACH Program for ADHD

Tailoring Education for ADHD and Children's Health

The TEACH Program (Tailoring Education for ADHD and Children’s Health) is a family level intervention developed originally for primary care clinics. This program was developed as a way to help primary care providers better support their families.

Families who participate in this program are invited to group visits in the clinic made of 6 – 8 families, have children with a diagnosis of ADHD and are between 6 to 12 years of age and the child is able to participate in group with other children.

Think of it this way…positive parenting/behavioral management principles + ADHD chronic care = TEACH

All in one place where families are already going for regular check ups with their child’s doctor.

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Hear Dr. Bauer explaining the latest research on TEACH (4 min 34 sec)

This page will be updated periodically with new research and video links about the program. 

TEACH Program recruitment materials
ADHD Support Groups (TEACH) meet at this clinic

New for 2021!

A SERIES of Virtual classes!

One just for parents & one for parents & children to take together!

  • TEACH: JUST FOR PARENTS. 6 Zoom based classes. Upon completion, parents should have an ADHD Care plan to take back to their pediatrician or pediatric provider. You do not have to be my patient to take this class. It is an educational class ONLY.  I will not be making specific medical recommendations for you or your child. This program is ideal for families new to the diagnosis of ADHD and need help understanding the road ahead.
  • TEACH ME ADHD: for a parent + child to take together. A series of 6-8 virtual classes covering a variety of topics designed to help onboard your child to what ADHD is and empower them to work with their parent. Ideal participant is between the age of 8-12 years old, relatively new to the diagnosis of ADHD, is interested in learning more and has a parent who can attend each time.  The class will be fun, interactive and designed to get parents & children learning and working together! This program is under development. I am  needing small group of families willing to work with me and who will provide feedback. For a limited time the class will be offered at 50% off. Send me an email or message me on social media if interested. 
Looking for volunteers!

Available Research on TEACH

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