You Tube Channel: Let's Chat ADHD

Helping parents find their voice: The Let’s Chat ADHD Project

You Tube Channel: Let's Chat ADHD

I had the pleasure of working with a WONDERFUL group of parent and child volunteers for the past two years that has finally resulted in this awesome project. I cannot wait to share…but first, let me back up. THE PROBLEM Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a common neurobehavioral condition that starts in childhood. About 11% of 4 to 17 year old children have been diagnosed with ADHD (Click here: For statistics and data, check out the Centers of Disease Control

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Kindness Challenge–Week 1: Better Late than Never

Self care quote 2

Thank you for Niki for hosting the Kindness Challenge this summer! I had signed up to participate when you first announced well before the challenge started…and well, here it goes. I am not going to let my inner voice of critique stop me just because time got away from me.  Instead I am jumping in and making up for lost time by starting this journey 6 weeks late and being ok with it. That is the first step to self-kindness, which

Sunday Spotlight on Children’s Books: Agatha by Anna Pignataro

Ever wanted to bring about a discussion about how everyone is unique and special in their own right? Meet Agatha…a character who was born with her daddy’s bear nose and her mommy’ pig ears! Agatha is getting ready to start Kindergarten and quickly realizes she does not quite look like anyone else. This warming children’s book story is a nice way to share Agatha’s tale–and how she and her classmates learn how to celebrate each other’s strengths and understand how


What is Health Literacy?


“Health Literacy” refers to the degree to which a person obtains, thinks through and understands basic health information and services needed to make appropriate decisions.  It is influenced by how medical personnel share information with patients and also how families communicate their needs and questions. It also is dependent on one’s knowledge about the health topic and cultural background.  Basically, being health literate translates to being able to fully engaged in one’s healthcare–navigating the system, adequately sharing concerns and health

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

Sunday Spotlight on Children’s Books: Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

Let’s face it. Young kids quickly become fascinated by their body and how it works. Children’s books can be used to normalize feelings and yes, bodily functions.  They can help jump-start or compliment  various self-care behaviors, such as potty training, or can be used for kids who are just plain curious about how their body works. The first of the My Body Science series about bodily functions that is sure to both bring some giggles and questions is the book called, “Everyone Poops” by

Bridging the Word Gap

Children are amazing. They are constantly learning and growing.  As parents, we have a tremendous opportunity to shape their language, overall development and set them up for success. By age 3, children usually have 1000 words at their disposal.  However, children in poverty do not have the luxury of hearing as many words, and thus have smaller and limited vocabularies. Being exposed to language is key to helping kids pick up words and build their vocabularies. This is what is termed

Mindful Monday: Beauty of the Natural World-Grand Canyon

Today’s mindfulness moment to kick off the week comes from a recent trip my family took to the Grand Canyon. What a magnificent place. The beauty and awe around us was so overwhelming. Where it lacked greenery & lushness, it was raw, bare and breathtaking….   The beauty of the place was enjoyed by all.  My two kids loved climbing the rocks and looking (safely) down into the depths below as their laughter rose up into the beautiful big blue sky

Mindful Monday: Blood Moon 2015

For today’s Mindful Monday post, I wanted to share a photo my husband took on September 27, 2015 which was when the moon passed through the Earth’s shadow during a full moon in a total lunar eclipse. The reason it was such a big deal was because the last time this happened was in 1982 and the next one won’t occur until 2033. Right before the eclipse we were monitoring the skies and it had gone from totally clear to cloudy. We

Sunday Spotlight on Children’s Books: Not Fair, Won’t Share by Sue Graves

Helping children navigate their early friendships is important…especially when it comes to sharing objects and personal space. The book, Not Fair, Won’t Share: A Book about Sharing is authored by Sue Graves. It is a fun one to use with children to see how their behavior impacts others. I like this book because it shows a trio of kids having a hard time sharing a space station toy that the teacher has in the classroom. It shows what happens when you

2016 AAP Legislative Conference recap

What a great legislative conference! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) really does a wonderful job training up pediatricians, family advocates and affiliate members who wish to take action and do what they can to be a voice for kids.  I wanted to do one last post to reflect on the 25th Annual AAP Legislative conference and all I learned from that experience. Anyone with a story to tell can become an effective advocate. As a citizen of this country, everyone