Parenthood is a journey. We want the best for our kids. We want to see them grow, thrive, be healthy and happy.

However, parenthood does not come with instructions.

Sometimes our children struggle and as parents we want to find ways to support them. Advice is everywhere and what sounds simple can be harder to put into action. Maybe you haveĀ multiple children or are trying to balance it all after a long day. Or perhaps your child has received a diagnosis and you areĀ unsure if parenting rules apply or if you should "go easy."

It quickly can become overwhelming. 

Let’s face it, we’re all human and we all wish sometimes for a re-do day. Even me!

I am a behavioral pediatrician, creator, dreamer, entrepreneur, podcaster, author and spokesperson who also happens to have ADHD. I run two businesses: my part time direct specialty care practice where I get to see clients in person. The other is my online educational platform (Let's Talk Kids Health) where I get to meld my expertise, creativity and playfulness into developing courses, tools and workshops for families. My passion is helping to unlock kids' and teens' superpower and having fun along the way! My most important job is as a wife, mother to two amazing teenagers that I get to love and support them become their own beautiful selves and dog momma to two goldens, Piper and Kona!

My philosophy is simple. Clear communication is paramount-whether in the clinic or in the home. When information exchange is two-way, collaborative and clear, everyone wins. 

My resources, handouts and courses are designed to EDUCATEENGAGE & EMPOWER parents AND children no matter where they are on their journey  together. 

It is my sincere hope that my creativity, passion and love of creating practical resources is helpful for your family too.