I am the owner of a direct specialty care behavioral pediatrics practice. I work 2.5 days a week seeing clients who live in the state of Indiana.

What does this mean?

That means you get DIRECT ACCESS to me. There is no front desk personnel or someone you must talk to before you get me. Families who need me can send me secure messages via the CHARM patient portal.  

I am no longer in network for any insurances. 


This allows me to practice medicine as I wish. I can take as long as I need, including care coordination with schools and other members of your team. I can see you via telehealth or in person.  

I am delighted to share space with Ivy Health Associates. As a behavioral pediatrician, my focus is on children between the ages of 2 and 18 years of age. 

I offer appointments in person and telehealth.

  • New Patient IN PERSON Consultation (90 minutes): Parent and child together
  • Medication Management (30 minutes)

  • Brief ADHD and anxiety coaching with parent present¬†(30-60 minutes)

  • Parenting Support/Coaching (30 or 60 minutes: Parent only)

  • QbTesting (45 minute appointment with a QbTest technician) for ADHD evaluations and medication efficacy

  • ADHD Coaching for Adults (45 minute sessions, package of 3 per month)

Once accepted into my practice, here's what to expect:

  • You will receive an email inviting you to activate the Dr. Nerissa Bauer CHARM Patient Portal.¬†Do this right away. This is the main way I communicate with you before and in-between appointments. Families can send me updates, questions, medication refill requests and even completed forms or teacher updates this way! If you don‚Äôt see this email in your inbox¬†after joining my practice panel,¬†make sure you check your junk/spam folder.
  • After you have scheduled your first appointment, you will then be asked to complete parent rating scales and gather additional surveys from the teacher and child
  • If for some reason you cannot make the appointment or change your mind,¬†cancellation is required¬†48 hours in advance to avoid missed appointment fee.¬†Clients can cancel the appointment within CHARM as long as 48 hours or greater and can request a new appointment easily. Otherwise if less than 48 hours, please text Dr Bauer directly or message via CHARM to avoid a fee.
  • Clients will be able to request appointments, pay invoices and request medication refills through CHARM! There is even a free app (CHARM mPHR) so you can access your portal easily.
  • Please make sure to follow and like my private practice Facebook page for up to date alerts and other offerings!¬†
  • Current Clients are encouraged to consider an¬†ADHD Sleuths monthly membership¬†to get access to weekly new educational content via my private TEACH to Go podcast, invites to group coaching twice a month and monthly virtual learning events with guest speakers.

New Client Inquiry Form

I am only taking 4-6 new pediatric clients each month so that I can accommodate the needs of all my families. You must be a resident of Indiana. Once completed, you should hear back from me within 72 hours. Check your spam/junk folders.

*If you are being referred for QbTesting ONLY by your doctor, please do not fill out this form but the one for NON MEMBERS under QbTesting*

**If you are being referred by your doctor or therapist for QbTesting ONLY, please go to the QbTesting section**

If your child has a known diagnosis of ADHD and is 8-12 years of age, please look into my TEACH ME ADHD program. 

If you have a child who is 4-12 years or 13-18 years at risk for or has ADHD, please consider joining my ADHD Sleuths membership program to get support NOW. This is a LEARNING and SUPPORT COMMUNITY for parents to learn how to best handle and work with their child. 

I also recommend that you follow my Facebook page for my private practice and/or get on my email list for the most updated announcements. 

ADHD Evaluations with QbTest: What to Expect

When families come to see me for a clinical assessment, I will often take a thorough history and ask for forms to be completed prior to the initial appointment from the parent and teacher and sometimes the child directly (depending on age). If ADHD is suspected, I will talk with the family about getting a QbTest (done at a separate appointment with a technician). The QbTest is not a stand alone tool for diagnosing ADHD, it is meant to be used along with the clinical interview and subjective tests and rating scales. 


The QbTest is an FDA-cleared test that measures all 3 core symptom domains; hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. QbTest is used when evaluating ADHD symptoms and measuring response to ADHD treatment. 

QbTest involves a 15 or 20-minute computer-based task that measures your child's ability to maintain attention and impulse control. Meanwhile, an infrared camera tracks movements, and therefore activity, during the test. The results are based on a comparison of your child's performance with data from other people of the same sex and age who do not have ADHD. 

QbTest helps everyone be able to talk about what is happening

I believe that everyone needs to understand what is happening when a child or teen has difficulty staying focused or feels like they "zone out" multiple times a day. I have seen the power of objective testing help expedite time to diagnosis for families in my practice. 

Take a look at a sample QbTest below. The results help guide discussions about what is happening and helps everyone get on the same page. 

Qb Test results of an individual with ADHD

QbTest results of an individual without ADHD

You don't have to be a patient of Dr. Bauer's to get a QbTest done.

If you are already part of Dr Bauer's practice, a QbTest may be recommended at the conclusion of the consultation visit and/or during routine follow up appointments. However, we partner with local physicians and therapists to schedule QbTests for non-clients. Click the appropriate button to learn more. 


Pediatric Clients, Non-members will have the test done and then a report will be sent to your child's pediatrician with recommendations for next steps. Families can talk to their child's doctor to see if their pediatrician feels comfortable doing the follow up, or families have the ability to schedule a one time visit to review the test and recommendations with Dr. Bauer for a separate fee.

QbTesting for Pediatric Client (6-18 years) NON MEMBER
QbTesting for Adults (18-60 years) NON MEMBER
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CHARM Patient Portal

For existing patients, here is a quick link to access the patient portal!

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