Navigating parenthood with a child or teen who has ADHD can be challenging & rewarding all at the same time.

Learn to navigate the road together so you & your family are ready to tackle it with understanding & fun. 

I am the creator of TEACH Me ADHD, a unique course designed for kids and parents to take TOGETHER with other families. Since October 2020 over 100 families across the United States and Canada have participated. 

 Hello, I'm Dr. Nerissa Bauer! I am a behavioral pediatrician, CEO of Let's Talk Kids Health and I have ADHD myself! I want to be your trusted guide and resource to help make the road ahead more manageable by taking a curiosity and playfulness approach! 

You can work with me by joining my parent learning community, ADHD Sleuths, register for my TEACH Me ADHD Course offered multiple times a year, become an ADHD Coaching client (Adults only) or allow me to see your child/teen in my private practice (Indiana residents only). 

Download my free "WHAT IS ADHD" workbook for kids so you can start talking about it!
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Listen & Learn

Special Virtual Roundtable Events and YouTube Podcast Trailers 


I bring nationally recognized experts and special guests to talk with me a few times a year about parenting, mental health & family topics! Watch in real time to ask questions. Simulcast to my YouTube Channel & Let's Talk Kids Health Business Page on Facebook. 

I regularly post trailers from my private podcast so you can see who is in the studio and what we talk about! Get sneak peaks so you can get a feel for the ADHD Sleuths Community!

My weekly Let's Talk Kids Health LIVE show has to come to an end after 80 episodes but all replays are on my YouTube Channel!



Meet & Grow

Virtual Learning Community for Parents


When you join my virtual learning community, ADHD SLEUTHS, you will get instant access to my weekly private podcast, TEACH to Go, so you can continue learning all about ADHD, anxiety and parenting topics at your convenience. You will also get exclusive invitations for my monthly member LIVE events so you can ask questions and get answers from my special guests! You can also join twice monthly Coffee Chats with Dr Bauer where you can get coached on parenting and mindset challenges or just listen and feel validated as you hear stories from others on the call.  



Commit & Take Action

Virtual TEACH Me ADHD Course for families


Kids need to understand just as much as parents do when it comes to their behavioral health. I've designed a unique course for families to take together, learn and have fun. 

 Become Jr and Sr Detectives and learn what ADHD is, how to work with ADHD in the home and classroom. Your child will come away with self-advocacy skills they can use for LIFE!

Course is offered multiple time a year and led by a pediatrician or you can choose to do the course on your own (On Demand)


Personalized Behavioral Health Care

Indiana Clients Only

Come meet me in person so we can get to know each other and I can help manage your child's behavioral health.
I have a limited number of openings for new clients month to month, so check back often.
I only see 1-1 clients 2.5 days a week. I do consultations and offer ongoing management in my direct specialty care practice in Carmel, Indiana. I offer a combination of in-person and telehealth visits. 
If you are an ADULT with ADHD, I have a limited number of spots for ADHD Coaching. 
As a behavioral pediatrician who has cared for children and their families for over 20 years, I know how parenting a child with behavioral and mental health conditions can be stressful. 
I believe in the power of clear, simple and collaborative two-way communication. Can kids learn about ADHD or anxiety? Absolutely!  Can parents and children learn how to work together to manage life ahead? Yes. 
My resources and courses are meant to engage, educate and empower families to navigate life with a behavioral diagnosis together, while rediscovering fun. 


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"We were one of the pilot families and I will say that this class was expertly crafted to appeal to kids! Each participant was a detective with a code name--how fun is that! And we learned a great deal of information about ADHD in a way that was engaging, interactive, and "stuck" for my wiggly dude! Each "mission" assigned a task at home that didn't feel like homework but aimed to develop new habits and routines to address the deficits related to ADHD. I give this course 5 great big stars and a bear hug for the thoughtful moments of affirmation spread through the training in "super secret missions."

Amie P.

(AKA "AP51")

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