Navigating parenthood with a child diagnosed with ADHD or anxiety can be challenging & rewarding all in the same moment.

Learn to navigate the road together so you & your child are ready to tackle it with understanding & fun. 

I create interactive virtual courses for families to take together & jumpstart conversation kits meant to spark curiosity, fun and collaboration.


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Virtual Courses for Families


Kids need to understand just as much as parents do when it comes to their behavioral health. I've designed virtual classes for families to take together, learn and have fun.


As a behavioral pediatrician who has cared for children and their families for over 20 years, I know how parenting a child with behavioral and mental health conditions can be stressful. 
I believe in the power of clear, simple and collaborative two-way communication. Can kids learn about ADHD or anxiety? Absolutely!  Can parents and children learn how to work together to manage life ahead? Yes. 
My resources and courses are meant to engage, educate and empower families to navigate life with a behavioral diagnosis together, while having fun. 


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"We were one of the pilot families and I will say that this class was expertly crafted to appeal to kids! Each participant was a detective with a code name--how fun is that! And we learned a great deal of information about ADHD in a way that was engaging, interactive, and "stuck" for my wiggly dude! Each "mission" assigned a task at home that didn't feel like homework but aimed to develop new habits and routines to address the deficits related to ADHD. I give this course 5 great big stars and a bear hug for the thoughtful moments of affirmation spread through the training in "super secret missions."

Amie P.

(AKA "AP51")

Learning to Roll with It By Thinking Outside the Box

Jul 26, 2021