Let's be real. When your child is struggling, it can feel  overwhelming.


You may be feeling:

  • Worried about whether your child is suffering from low self-esteem
  • Stressed because you're waiting for the next email or phone call from your child's school or daycare
  • Embarrassed because your child's behavior in public has led to others giving you looks or offering unsolicited advice
  • Uncertainty over what to do because nothing seems to work 
  • Defeated because you've tried to talk to others who have brushed off your concerns or didn't understand your situation
  • Confused because you thought it was "normal" but because things are unpredictable, you're not sure anymore


I'm here to tell you...THERE IS HOPE. 

ADHD SLEUTHS is an ideal solution for families wanting to have a road map and learning community

This monthly membership allows our sleuths to get access to knowledge, have opportunities for skill building and gives families a safe place to ask questions and give and get support. When you participate, you'll soon see you're not alone. This membership is for parents of preschool or school age children who are at-risk or have ADHD. IDEAL FOR FAMILIES WHO HAVE NOT PARTICIPATED IN TEACH ME ADHD.


Send HQ a message if you have specific questions at [email protected]


Join the ADHD Sleuths Community Membership

Don't go it alone. It takes a village. Get prepared for the road ahead.

Be inspired. Get the facts. Find your people.


When your child turns 8, you'll be eligible to ENROLL in TEACH ME ADHD together so your child can meet other kids JUST LIKE THEM. Or if they prefer to work at their own pace, you can purchase TEACH ME ADHD On Demand.