Parenthood is a journey. We want the best for our kids. We want to see them grow, thrive, be healthy and happy.

However, parenthood does not come with instructions.

Sometimes our children struggle and as parents we want to find ways to support them. Advice is everywhere and what sounds simple can be harder to put into action.

My resources, handouts and workshops are designed to EDUCATEENGAGE & EMPOWER parents AND children no matter where they are on their journey together. 

It is my sincere hope that my creativity, passion and love of creating practical resources for families to learn and grow together while having fun is helpful for your family too.

Helping Your Child Understand Their ADHD Superpowers

  • The importance of TEAMWORK with your child.

  • The importance of cueing their brain to "see" what is expected.

  • Why validation helps tame emotions.

  • Encouraging your child's inner detective to learn more.

  • The power of learning in a group.

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