Wondering how to help your child understand what ADHD is?


TEACH ME ADHD is an 8-week virtual class series for children with ADHD and their parent to take together!


Children MUST have a diagnosis of ADHD, be 8-12 years of age and have a parent or other caregiver willing to take the course with them. 

TEACH ME ADHD is a fun, interactive, and educational course lead by Behavioral Pediatrician Dr. Nerissa Bauer, designed for children with ADHD and their parents.

This 8-week course includes weekly Zoom meetings, video resources, and a supportive community of other families walking in your shoes.

Families who enroll in this course will become JR and SR detectives and participate in 8 training mission meetings. Each meeting will focus on a different topic related to ADHD. Be ready to learn new skills and participate, the classes are interactive and fun!


Each meeting builds on each other so attendance at all meetings are recommended. If you have to miss, you will have access to the video supplement that you can use to catch up or re-watch to reinforce concepts. 
  • What IS ADHD?

  • Healthy Habits: Zzzs and Eating

  • Emotions Without Commotion

  • School Planning and Organization

  • Communication Strategies for Healthy Relationships

  • ADHD Medicines as Part of an ADHD Care Plan

  • Gratitude and Ways to Boost Feeling Positive

  • My ADHD Care Plan and Celebration of YOU and all you’ve learned!



Mini Class Simulations allow prospective families to meet course creator Dr. Nerissa Bauer and experience what a training mission meeting is like. She will answer questions about the TEACH ME ADHD course to decide if it's right for you and your Jr Detective!


Each training mission meeting is 60 minutes in length. Participants will be allowed to log on 10 minutes early. There will be one Brain Break during each session (we know how important it is to stretch and break it up!) All sessions will be on Zoom. Participants will be able to see each other and talk with each other.

Classes are limited to 10 parent-child pairs to allow for group interaction.


All training mission meetings are held over Zoom. You don't have to leave your house to participate!

Grow Together

Taking the class together builds a common language & understanding between you and your child.


Complete weekly family missions and deeds to foster cooperation & collaboration while having fun.


Other Things to Know

  • All parent-child pairs should have a tablet or computer.
  • Supply boxes are NOT included in the cost of the program but designed so you will have everything you need each week! (No need to go to the store and buy supplies for any activities, who has time for that?) Supply boxes are $40 + sales tax and shipping. Local detectives can choose porch pick up in West Carmel.
  • Siblings are allowed to register as long as they also have ADHD, are 8-12 years of age and have their own tablet. A separate parent/caregiver will need to be with the sibling as the sessions encourage teamwork! Contact Dr. Bauer if interested at [email protected] 
    A 20% discount is available for the second child’s class package (minus supplies and shipping costs, if applicable)


  • 8 Interactive Zoom classes with up to 9 other parent-child pairs.

  • Video supplement of all 8 classes to review for 6 months starting at date of first meeting.

  • Access to the TEACH ME ADHD Community on Facebook which will allow families (current and past) to interact and support each other.

  • Supplies for the entire course shipped to your house.


It was fantastic for our family. My son is 10 years old and has struggled with ADHD. Learning more about it and embracing it has empowered him! The class was well organized, entertaining and easy to follow both for kids and parents without being overwhelming. We were provided with many different tools and ideas that were through provoking and helped both us as parents and our child learn valuable tools on how to manage our lives around this. My absolute favorite thing about this class is that it helped build my son's confidence, seeing other kids with similar struggles and that he is amazing the way he is, but we are different and can improve on our life skills! My husband and I both learned a lot about the science of ADHD which helped us parent better and build a stronger relationship with our son. The time we took for this class was well worth it! Dr. Bauer is compassionate and great with children. We look forward to working more with her in the future!

- Tracie M.

My son and I just completed Dr. Bauer's online class (TEACH ME ADHD). I am so glad we took this class! It was very well thought out and executed! I saw improved behaviors and I noticed he is now more aware of his struggles with ADHD. Not only is he more aware but he has also started implementing strategies that were taught in this class to overcome these struggles! I would highly recommend this class! A lot of people are struggling with mental health issues during this global pandemic...Dr. Bauer does an amazing job offering this class in a virtual format! Highly recommend!

- Michelle P.

Stop the Overwhelm & Have FUN With Your Child

Complete weekly family missions and deeds to foster cooperation & collaboration while having fun!


Want to do it but dates don't fit your schedule?

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