Sometimes you just need a conversation starter.

I like to create ways for families to "jumpstart" important conversations so that it is doable and FUN.

  • Encouraging your child's inner detective to learn more
  • Help them process their feelings after receiving a diagnosis of ADHD
  • Talk about what they have heard about ADHD
  • Find clues about ADHD so they can continue to think about and work through questions with you and your child's doctor

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When families talk about ADHD, it takes the mystery out of it. You can move into your first fact- finding mission and learn about ADHD together.

Nerissa Bauer, MD, MPH

Dr. Nerissa Bauer is a behavioral pediatrician, blogger, creator and mom of two quickly growing young people and two goldens. She LOVES working with families to engage, educate, and empower families in navigating life with a behavioral diagnosis.

Yes you can talk with kids about ADHD.

You might not know how to start, but I can help! When kids are given the chance to ask questions and given facts in child-friendly ways, it can demystify things for them. It will make a world of difference in how they "see" and think about ADHD.