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Using Mindfulness with Kids: Your Chime by Olivia Roney

Using mindfulness with kids is becoming increasingly popular. Mindfulness can improve happiness, attentiveness, emotional regulation, and relieve stress. Kids with ADHD or anxiety can use mindfulness to learn to be still or understand their feelings. Mindful-based parenting approaches teach caregivers how to stay cool and self-regulate their own emotional responses. Learn how to introduce the …

ADH-me book to help kids understand ADHD
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How to help children understand ADHD: ADH-Me! by Dr. John Hutton

After a diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), parents and children may have lingering questions. Parents may not know how to start the conversation with their children. Children may not know what questions to ask. Children may be confused or scared about what ADHD actually means. Help children understand ADHD with a children’s book and …